The FMBrew Crew

Introducing the people behind the brewery.

Cypress "Scooch" Whyte

Top dog.

About Scooch: "I own the place."

Favorite FMBrew: Cypress Strong of course!

Rob Whyte

FMBrew was born out of a hobby that originally began in 1991, perfected since about 2006. I'm supposed to tell what my favorite FMBrew is, but that's like asking a parent which of their children is their favorite, I love them all!

Jen Gratz-Whyte

I've helped pour concrete, put together equipment, analyzed projections, written business plans, cleaned bathrooms & stressed about everything!

About Jen:  "I know the owner...."

Favorite FMBrew: Spiked Seltzer

Fred "2 Star" Malone

Sales/ Sanitaion Engineer/ V.P. 

About 2Star: "I sell beer.  Lots & lots of beer."

Favorite FMBrew: Red Tape

TJ Jewell

Director of Brewery Operations/ Brewer.

Favorite FMBrew: YES!

Tom McGregor

General Manager / Head Cat Herder

About Tom: 

I’m a pretty lucky guy. I have a beautiful, feisty wife and daughter, my awesome sauce pit bull, and another wee McGregor on the way. Over the last two decades I’ve been a part of the SWFL beer scene; from pouring countless pints, teaching beer schools, managing, designing & opening dozens of bars… to now, part of the FMBrew family. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this team and can’t wait to see where we go next! Sláinte.

Favorite FMBrew: Oktoberfest Lager

Monica "Coaster" Dixon

I do the social media and plan the parties.


About Monica:  SWFL born and raised, FGCU Marketing Grad and #basic. I enjoy brunching, pumpkin spice everything and scrolling through Instagram. 

Favorite FMBrew: Fuego 5. No wait... Tart Like a Tiger

Sarah Maclennan

Sales Rep/Positive Vibe Technician

About Sarah: 

I drive 2Star crazy, I talk a lot, I made two amazing children, I’m from New England, I love my job, I love Kanye like Kanye loves Kanye, I drive a lot, I’m a Car Karaoke Master and I love to annoy 2Star.

Favorite FMBrew: Depends on the day. Like with my kids, there’s always a different front runner. But I will say, Pils is life water and OYA is everything that is good in this world.

Troy Douglass

You can find me in the back, doing a little bit of everything.

Favorite FMBrew: Oktoberfest

Ryan Carruth


About Ryan: 

I have a passion for all things beer related. Whether it's traveling to a festival, brewing a beer or sharing bottles with friends, it's safe to say I found my calling.

Favorite FMBrew: Chocolate PB Porter

Nathan Perfect

Assistant Brewer

About Nathan: 

Hi, I’m Nathan. 26 year old who never learned to whistle. Favorite color is green. Friend to all, especially animals. Movie connoisseur. Always thirsty for a beer. Self-proclaimed pizza ho. Cavity free since ‘93. Aspiring trophy husband. Can I meet your dog?

Favorite FMBrew: Fairway Finder and OYA

Tony LaMantia

Taproom Manager aka Taster Board Specialist and Food Truck Taster

About Tony: Not standing still is my favorite. I have visited 47 of the 50 United States, and spent time in 18 countries on 5 Continents. I have collected water from 4 different oceans, and may try to make a beer with it some time. I love beer and coffee equally and I am glad that they both are mostly water because my doctor says that I am supposed to drink a lot of water. I married up to a woman who may actually love beer a little more than even I do.  I love good food and I love people, even if sometimes the best ones might smell kinda funny. Lastly, there is no such thing as a girly beer or a manly glass, and I am 99% sure I can find a beer that you will like, even if you have already given up.

Favorite FMBrew: Ironically, Clean Shave

Shanna "Banana" Phillips

Full time  Beertender, part time Instagram influencer

About Shanna: Hailing from Philly (Delco), livin’ my best Florida life.  Current pirate, and aspiring future Key West mayor.  If I’m not slinging beers, you can catch me and my dire wolf (#KierrathePirateDawg) eating pizza & terrorizing the town.

Favorite FMBrew: Cups of OYA

Kristen "K - Dub" Germain

Beertender / Director of Lost & Found


About Kristen:  Former school teacher and Michigan native, now enjoying my upgrade on peninsulas. I’m outdoorsy if you count drinking on patios.

Favorite FMBrew: OYA mixed with Blood Orange Sour

Alysa "Little One" Alonso

The Smallest Beertender.

About Alysa: Regular degular schmegular girl from Miami. FGCU grad. Cardi B is my spirit animal. Okuuuuuurt!!!!

Favorite FMBrew: Watermelon Gose

Ilana Schmelzer


About Ilana: I'm a Florida native who took a short (5 years) stint in the mile high. Now I'm back to pour ya some brews & spread the love. 

Favorite FMBrew: Chocolate PB Porter or OYA... I can't decide.

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Fort Myers Brewing Company

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FMBrew is always family and pup friendly.


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