Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you have brewery tours?

    Unfortunately, due to COVID we are not offering tours at this time.

  • Do you serve beer in your tasting room or is it just for tours?

    Yes, we have 25 beers on tap daily. No tour required.

  • Options other than beer?

    We make our own spiked seltzer for non-beer drinkers. We also have cider, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages available daily.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash or credit. Any abandoned tabs at the end of the evening will have 20% gratuity automatically added.

  • How can I schedule an event or reserve an area for a party?

    To make a reservation or find out more about private events please email [email protected].

  • Are you pet friendly?

    Absolutely! We ask all dogs remain on a leash at all times and owners pick up after their dogs. Should your dog get a little too excited we just ask you move outside.

  • Are you kid friendly?

    Yes, we are a family friendly brewery. Please keep an eye on your kids at all times.


  • Are you hiring?

    We are always accepting applications. Please email [email protected] or stop by during taproom hours to fill out an application.

  • Do you have an ATM on-site?


  • FOOD

  • Do you serve food?

    We do not serve food but we always have a food truck on-site.

  • What forms of payment do the food trucks accept?

    Food trucks are independently owner. Many accept both cash and credit. We do have an ATM on-site should you find the truck is only accepting cash.

  • Can I bring food?

    Yes, feel free to bring in your own food.

  • Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages?

    No. We do not allow outside alcoholic beverages. We have a wide variety of beer, spiked seltzer, wine, cider and non-alcoholic beverages available.

  • What is the food truck today?

    What kind of food do they serve? You can find our food truck calendar HERE. Please follow the trucks on Facebook to browse their menus.

  • How can I get my food truck scheduled?

    To book your Food Truck please email [email protected] for an application.


  • Do you have live music?

    We have live music every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. We also feature live music on Sunday afternoons out of football season.

  • What band is playing?

    What type of music do they play? You can find our live music calendar HERE. Please follow the bands on Facebook to check out their music.

  • How can I book my band/music here?

    To book your band please email [email protected] for an application.


  • Can you donate to my organization?

    We love donating back to our community.

  • BEER

  • Where can I find what’s on tap today?

    Our tap list rotates almost daily. To get the most current list click HERE.

  • Do you offer flights?

    Yes! We offer a flight board that has 4 5oz pours for $15.

  • Do you fill growlers?

    Yes! We have can 32oz Crowlers available in our taproom. If you would like to bring in your own refillable Growler we are happy to fill these for you, too.

  • Do you sell cases of beer?

    Yes! We generally have Gateway Gold, High 5 IPA and American Wheat available in six packs. Sometimes we have special release cans available. Follow us on Facebook to find out our latest can releases.

  • Do you sell kegs?

    Unfortunately, at this time we do not sell kegs out of our tasting room. Please visit your local beer retailer to purchase kegs.

  • Is your beer or seltzer gluten free?

    We do not have any gluten free options at this time. However, we always have a cider on tap which will be a gluten free option for you.

  • Can you ship beer?

    No, at this time we do not ship beer.

  • Can I get your beer outside of Fort Myers, FL?

    Currently we have beer on tap at select retailers from Naples – North Fort Myers. At this time we do not distribute outside of this area.